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“The Town of Colchester has successfully worked with Aegis Renewable Energy on the siting, design, construction, and operation of two 150kW solar generation projects. Aegis worked through siting with the Select board in a manner that respected community values. These projects, located on town land, now produce at a level equivalent to 70% of the electricity used in providing municipal services. The projects will save the town over $1M-after repayment of capital and operating costs. We are working with Aegis on a third project with the goal of producing equivalent to all of the electrical consumption by the town in the provision of local municipal services. Aegis was willing to work with the town in a manner that met our needs, respected our values, and importantly left the town with very high financial benefit.”


Aaron Frank, Town Manager - Town of Colchester

"At Lawson’s Finest Liquids, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and operating our businesses as efficiently and sustainably as possible. The brewing industry is fairly energy intensive, and I was thrilled to work with Aegis Renewable Energy to install a solar array on the roof of our brewery, providing an offset of a portion of our electrical use. The team at Aegis completed the project within budget and with regular communication throughout. I definitely recommend them for your commercial solar needs.”


Sean Lawson, CEO / Founding Brewer -Lawson’s Finest Liquids

" All reports were favorable as to Aegis's communications and workmanship. I would give Aegis high marks for initiative and adapting to our financing requirements. They found the most suitable site with the highest yield and adapted the proposal as required to meet the lender's needs. Without a doubt, would strongly consider Aegis for a future solar installation."


Bob Ackland, Town of Warren

“Kingsbury Companies has had the fortunate opportunity to have worked with Aegis Renewable Energy as both a subcontractor and a project owner. Their team possesses a vast understanding of the renewable market and professionalism is steeped deep into their culture. Aegis has become a true partner to Kingsbury in achieving our sustainability goals now and into the future.”


TJ Kingsbury, President - Kingsbury Companies LLC

“Aegis is Aces!

My husband, Eric Brattstrom, and I have been aware of Nils Behn’s good work in the community since 2014, the year Warren’s municipal array was developed. Sitting in, as interested observers, on Nils's presentations to the Warren Development Review Board, left us impressed with his knowledge and willingness to work cooperatively to develop projects, make them work smoothly and on time. Later in 2014, Nils approached us to help promote a community-scale solar farm for the Mad River Valley.  We were glad to help. That began a long and fruitful collaboration that bore fruit on the opening of the Mad River Community Solar Farm a 150 kW array, at the end of 2015.
Nils is a pleasure to work with. His staff is top-notch, his projects come in on budget and on time, and his projections for efficiency and pay-back over time are spot-on. We can’t say enough about our admiration for Aegis.”


Dorothy Kyle, President & Registered Agent, MRCSF, LLC (Mad River Community Solar Farm)


" Aegis completed the project on time, at the agreed price, with no surprises. The price was excellent, and the REC's were retired rather than being sold to out of state polluters. The system has worked well with production equal or exceeding what was promised."


Boardman Hill Community Solar Farm Member

"...The Staff at Aegis is always there to answer questions and provide support.  It's always a pleasure to work with the professionals at Aegis!"


J. Soulia, facility Manager - Heritage Aviation

" Thanks for making us the solar rock stars of Vermont agriculture!"


Allison Hooper, Co-Owner - Vermont Creamery now acquired by Land O’ Lakes.




" Aegis has been a great partner to work with, they have clearly proven their commitment to staying on time and on budget while exhibiting true professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent customer service."


Don Lorraine, Manager, Commercial Accounts - Green Mountain Power Corporation

"Aegis completed the project on time, at the agreed price with no surprises. The price was excellent, and the REC's were retired rather than being sold to out of state polluters. The system has worked well with production equal or exceeding what was promised.”


A Satisfied Community Solar Member

“Working with Aegis has been a breath of fresh air for the Town of Hempstead. Recently, America's largest township partnered with Aegis on the installation of a state-of-the-art wind turbine at the town's energy park in Point Lookout, N.Y.  The turbine provides carbon-free power to energize a hydrogen motor vehicle fueling station. As a result, we are energizing zero-emission fuel-cell cars without any adverse impact on our planet. CEO Nils Behn and his dedicated staff at Aegis were a pleasure to work with.”


Kate Murray, Supervisor - Town of Hempstead, NY

"Nils and his team at Aegis have developed a very strong reputation among their customers for technical competence, suitable solution design, and meeting project cost targets and schedules. Their extensive experience, as evidenced by their significant installed base, makes them well positioned to successfully implement renewable energy projects for their customers. They reliably execute as promised and follow up with integrity."


Brian Degen, Managing Partner - Fieldstone Capital Partners

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