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Free Renewable Energy Site & Project Consultations

Finding the right professional is extremely important when planning your renewable energy project.  Our team can sit down with you and your team and discuss your project in detail.  Whether your project is at the beginning conception design stage or completely permitted and ready to be built.   Our team of experts can help you take your project to the next phase.  We offer a range of project design and development services from our a la carte support to our turnkey EPC construction services.   Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Site, Design, and Consulting Services

Core Project Development Services

  • Feasibility and Site Analysis Services

  • Performance and Production Study Services

  • System Design, Value Engineering, and Customization

  • Financial Modeling, Financial Resources, and Consulting

  • Identification and Education of Grants, Tax Incentives, and Application Support Services

120 kW-Solar-Array-Green Mountain Harves

“The Town of Colchester has successfully worked with Aegis Renewable Energy on the siting, design, construction, and operation of two 150kW solar generation projects. Aegis worked through siting with the Select board in a manner that respected community values. These projects, located on town land, now produce at a level equivalent to 70% of the electricity used in providing municipal services.The projects will save the town over $1M-after repayment of capital and operating costs. We are working with Aegis on a third project with the goal of producing equivalent to all of the electrical consumption by the town in the provision of local municipal services. Aegis was willing to work with the town in a manner that met our needs, respected our values, and importantly left the town with very high financial benefit.”


Aaron Frank, Town Manager - Town of Colchester

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