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Project Development, Construction Management, & Asset Management

At Aegis, we engineer and evaluate each
project to meet the client’s specific needs.

Putting integrity and quality above all, we strive to offer the most affordable, highest value, and most maintainable solar projects for each of our customers; helping shape the future one renewable energy project at a time. We are invested in the future of renewable energy, and our goal is to help you invest in it too.

At Aegis, we strive to be a leader in the growth of the renewable energy movement by offering full-service design, permitting, engineering, procurement, and construction services. Our in-house development team handles every detail from project feasibility, site acquisition, project offtake, project purchase and finance, contract legal review, system design, permitting, and EPC construction activities.

Value-Driven Renewable Energy Services

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Project Development

Site, Design and Consulting Services

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Construction Management

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services

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Asset Management

Full-Service Operation and Maintenance Services



Conceptual Design

Based on your commercial energy objectives, a free consultation will allow us to determine project feasibility and the identification of critical success factors and possible fatal flaws. Using a combination of desktop and onsite analysis tools, our conceptual design will properly qualify the proposed project effort practically and financially.


Permitting & Detailed Design

Advancing the system design to prepare permitting deliverables includes engineering (electrical, civil, and structural) best practices, analytical tools, and system performance modeling programs. Our decades of engineering and implementation experience render a highly efficient timeline and thorough design and permit submissions.


Procurement & Construction

As a member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, we have literally hundreds of megawatts of procurement-buying power for top-tier equipment. Our construction managers and site supervisors have been globally successful with project types of varied complexities and constraints.


Operations & Maintenance

Aegis offers full-service operation and maintenance services ranging from remote system monitoring and diagnosis to onsite annual service based on a detailed operations and maintenance best practice standard. Aegis is a member of Amicus O&M Solar Cooperative.


By providing a complete suite of EPC services for solar renewable energy projects, we have your project covered. From initial site analysis and review to daily monitoring and maintenance of your system. Aegis has earned its excellent reputation and industry recognition through designing and installing renewable energy systems that are efficient, reliable, and engineered to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Relationships are at the core of our growing business. Aegis offers the best possible professional services, ensuring that your renewable energy project will exceed expectations regarding quality of workmanship and overall value. 

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Contact an Aegis Renewable Energy professional today to discuss how we can be of assistance in the development, design, and installation of your renewable energy project. We offer free solar and site consultations.

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