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129.5 kW-Solar-Array-Laurentide Housing-


Aegis Renewable Energy is a proud member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative and Amicus O&M Cooperative. Our membership in these solar cooperatives brings added value and ensures the highest quality for our team and for our customers.

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Being a member of Amicus benefits Aegis customers in multiple ways:


Value & Savings

Our company benefits from reduced costs for equipment and components, allowing us to provide very competitive prices to our customers in engineering, design, and construction of commercial solar projects.


Latest Technology

Aegis and our customers benefit from our acquiring the latest technology in solar equipment and design, ensuring high efficiency and value for investment.


Value-Aligned Membership

A diverse variety of renewable energy companies represents a progressive, synergistic, and forward-thinking team, sharing the common goal of protecting the environment while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainable communities. Frequent open collaboration among members helps us all grow stronger and wiser, yielding significant benefits for our customers. Working individually and collectively, Amicus membership helps Aegis ensure the highest quality in design, engineering, cost-effective construction, and service for our solar projects.


Reliability & Long-Term Commitment

Amicus members are committed to constructing and servicing efficient, consistently reliable solar arrays and renewable energy systems for our clients.  From initial design and construction to routine maintenance, Aegis Renewable Energy is always available to serve our customers, ensuring cost-effective, reliable energy to meet current and future needs. 

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