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Aegis Renewable Energy’s Commitment to Our Customers and the Community

The global COVID 19 pandemic reminds us all that our lives are interconnected and we are truly dependent upon one another to maintain our health and that of our community, customers, and colleagues.

With this in mind, Aegis Renewable Energy is firmly committed to implementing the recommended safeguards and best practices in order to minimize the risk associated with this pandemic. This requires constantly balancing our commitment to keeping our employees, customers, subcontractors, vendors, and community safe while maintaining the continuity of our essential renewable energy projects and services.  

What Aegis Is Doing Now

As the pandemic’s impact evolves, we are constantly evaluating our actions to ensure the maximum safety of our employees, customers, and the community at large. These practices include the following:

  • Implementing strict social distancing between our workers and customers, requiring all involved to wear a face mask and use hand sanitizer on a frequent basis. Much of our daily work can be accomplished with minimum or zero contact with customers.

  • Much of our staff is working remotely and can provide project proposals and follow-up without an in-person meeting.

  • Daily disinfection and sanitizing of surfaces in our office, company vehicles, and equipment subject to manual use.

  • Adherence to strict CDC guidelines pertaining to social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing of surfaces, etc, and prohibiting anyone with COVID symptoms and/or risk of exposure from coming into the workplace. 

Aegis’ Commitment to You

We remain strongly committed to serving our customers as much as possible while simultaneously enforcing strict safety measures to minimize risk during this ongoing pandemic. Feel free to contact Aegis regarding a current or proposed project or if you have maintenance issues that need to be addressed at an existing solar site. By working together, we are very confident that we will all prevail during these challenging times, becoming stronger and more resilient when the worst of the pandemic is passed.

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