Wind Turbine Installations


Wind power is a clean and productive source of renewable energy that harnesses the wind’s kinetic energy and converts it into electricity. Aegis Renewable Energy formerly specialized in the installation of distributed wind generation projects of 100 kW capacity. In recent years, the company has expanded to utility-scale projects including a 2 MW wind turbine installation commissioned at the U.S. Army Munitions Depot in Tooele, Utah in 2016.

Wind turbine installations must be managed according to many critical factors, including availability of wind resources, access to transmission infrastructure, aesthetic and environmental impact, and public engagement. Aegis has supervised the installation of 18 commercial-scale wind energy projects with a combined capacity of 3.4 MW. The success of our projects depends on our experience and ability to expertly manage the nuances and complexities of wind energy projects.  


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Wind Turbine Blade NYC
Aegis workers install wind turbine blades
Aegis Renewable Energy Wind Turbine Installation