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100 kW  Northern Power Systems Wind Turbine

Project Name and Location:

Sims Municipal Recycling Facility of NY - Brooklyn, New York

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Project Highlights

The 100 kW wind turbine located in Brooklyn, New York at the SIMS Municipal Recycling Facility is the first commercial wind turbine to be installed in New York City. 


The 100 kW wind turbine is estimated to generate 156,757 kWh of electricity each year and is expected to pay for itself in five years. 


The turbine measures a height of 160 feet and has a rotor diameter of 78 feet.


The SIMS-Sunset Park Recyling Facility processes 1,000 tons of recyclable material every day.


With facilitation and support from Aegis Renewable Energy, SIMS received an incentive of $155,932 from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

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