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191 kW Ground Mount Community Solar Array

Project Name and Location:

Mad River Community Solar Farm - Waitsfield, Vermont

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Project Highlights

Mad River Community Solar Farm is a community array that utilizes the innovative member-owned concept created through Aegis' development of the Boardman Hill Solar Farm. Each member owns between 3 and 87 solar panels.


The array consists of a total of 616 solar panels and is located in Waitsfield, Vermont.


The members democratically manage the array through the formation of an LLC comprised of all members. The LLC members each own their share of the solar equipment in the system, providing member-owners control over their investment and retaining eligibility for key tax credits and incentives.


The electricity generated by the solar array will substantially reduce annual electric costs for its members.

The REC's (renewable energy credits) associated with the array are retired, making this a truly "green" project.

Aegis Renewable Energy, Inc.

340 Mad River Park, Suite 6

Waitsfield Vermont 05673


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