Is Your Roof Making A Profit?

How it works


When you produce your own electricity from solar the electric utility company gives you a credit for each kilowatt hour (kWh) that is produced from your system.  This is called net metering.  However, depending on the size of the solar array the cost can be prohibitive to many Vermont municipalities, businesses and nonprofits. Aegis has options that make solar accessible to everyone with a suitable commercial scale roof.

Option 1 

Net Metering Credit Agreement:   The array is built for you but is owned by Aegis (or our affiliate). So you pay nothing for the array. You enter into an agreement to purchase the energy credits from Aegis. In return for the solar kWh’s the array produces your electric company will give you credits.  You will pay Aegis less than what the electric company gives you for solar net metering credits per kWh.  The difference between the credit you receive from your utility company and the discounted rate you pay Aegis per kWh is the amount you will save.

Option 2 

Roof Lease:  Some of our customers prefer to receive a lease or rent payment for their roof in return for the roof space occupied by solar panels.  We will then find another electricity rate payer to net meter the electricity to, and they will receive a discounted rate for electricity.  You will not have to pay any expenses associated with the array and will receive income for renting your roof.

Option 3

Full Ownership:  If you would prefer to own the solar array yourself we can help you there too. We have many excellent financing choices available to fit the needs of most customers.



Next Steps


  1. Call us: (802) 560-0055 or email us:

  2. We will first discuss ownership of your facility and the condition of your roof

  3. Then we will request your electric bill to understand how much electricity you use

  4. After going over the options you tell us which solution works best for you 

  5. We will then design, permit, and build your rooftop solar array

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