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St. George Storage Solar Array, St. George, VT

369 kW DC Roof Mount Solar Array 

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Aegis Renewable Energy designed, permitted, and is currently installing this 369 kilowatt rooftop solar array in St George, Vermont.  The array is sub-divided into eight, 46 kW sections on “self storage” unit roofs.  The owner of the facility looks at the addition of solar as another source of consistent rental revenue for his business.  Through the integration of solar panels covering the roofs, the array also provides an added layer of protection from the elements.  The electricity usage for the storage units is extremely low, so the majority of the power from this array will be providing net metering credits to local municipalities, saving local tax payers thousands of dollars.  Through the development of this project, a local business owner is maximizing his revenue, a local municipality is saving tax payer dollars, Aegis Renewable Energy is creating jobs and collectively we are reducing Vermont’s carbon footprint. 

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