Community Solar

Community Solar

Becoming a community solar farm member enables you to:

  • Cut energy costs by being your own electrical service provider.

  • Invest in your own clean energy future, often with little to no money down.

  • Reduce your use of non-renewable, pollution-causing energy sources.
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What is community solar all about?

  • Member-Owners form an LLC and democratically self-manage the array.

  • The cost of community solar is one third the cost of home panel installations.

  • Every member decides how many panels they wish to own which may range from one panel to many.

  • The electrical cost savings are dependent upon number of panels purchased.

  • The land on which the array is sited is typically leased to the LLC by a member or local landowner.

  • The REC's - Renewable Energy Credits are retained by the LLC and are not sold, thus making the installation a "truly green" project. 

Aegis’ community-owned solar arrays, or “solar farms”, as they are commonly referred to, are solar installations that are actually owned by the individuals who consume the electricity generated by the system. 


This is a great way to gain energy independence and help move our planet towards realizing its environmental and climate goals. Further, this can be achieved in a manner that is less expensive and easier than installing solar panels on your own roof or in your yard.  

Member-owners of Aegis Community Solar Arrays:

  • Reap substantial savings on electrical costs

  • Enjoy energy independence and freedom to make informed energy choices

  • Build stronger community ties

  •  Make a difference in our planet's environmental future

​If you are thinking of solar for the economic and environmental benefits, and/or would like to experience the freedom of energy independence, contact an Aegis Renewable Energy professional today to get started.

"Aegis completed the project on time, at the agreed price with no surprises. The price was excellent and the REC's were retired rather than being sold to out of state polluters. The system has worked well with production equal or exceeding what was promised".

- A satisfied community solar member

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