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Project Info

Boardman Hill Solar Farm - West Rutland, Vermont

187 kW Ground Mount Community-Owned Solar Array

Members of the Boardman Hill Solar Farm; West Rutland VT

Project Highlights


This project has received national recognition as an innovative, economical, and equitable model for community-owned solar and it stands out as one of Aegis Renewable Energy's flagship projects. The Boardman Hill Solar Farm was presented the 2015 Energy Project of the Year Award from the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network for dedication to helping the community generate clean energy, reduce gas emissions, and maintaining fully green credentials. This project also received the Vermont Govenor's Award for Environmental Excellence in 2016.

Boardman Hill Solar Farm is a community array which utilizes an innovative member-owned concept. Each member owns between 1 and 126 individual solar panels.


The REC's (renewable energy credits) are officially "retired" rather than sold off to a third party, making the project truly green.

The members democratically manage the array through the formation of an LLC comprised of all members.

The array consists of a total of 620 solar panels and is sited on an organic farm in West Rutland, Vermont.


The Boardman Hill Solar Farm was the first community solar array in Vermont that fulfills the VGVG; “Vermont Grown, Vermont Green” mission: complete member-ownership, democratic management of ongoing operations, and retirement of the RECs generated by the solar farm.


The electricity generated will substantially reduce annual electric costs for members.